Case Study

I highly recommend Cybertary for bookkeeping and accounting service needs. They made sure that the transition from our previous bookkeeper was smooth.
They are always quick to respond and very knowledgeable regarding any questions that may arise. I can’t tell you how reassuring it feels to know that we are supported by a team of highly qualified professionals.

Switching to Cybertary has reduced time and costs for our bookkeeping and has been one of the best business decisions we made all year!

Stacey Huerta-Moore, Admin Coordinator
Placer Valley Tourism

Working with Cybertary is like having a full team of marketing support people on board for your business. They take the time to fully understand your business and then develop marketing presentations that carry your message. As an ROI guy, I can say with total confidence that Cybertary provides a measureable return on their work!

Bob Dawson, CITE Founder

The Business Group

With Cybertary’s grant completion assistance, we were awarded a $3 million grant for a project that is expected to create 1,000 jobs and generate $40 million in private investment. 

Mark Heckey, Economic Development Director
City of Dixon


Anybody who runs a geographic sales territory can benefit greatly by using Cybertary. They allow me to leverage my time more effectively and run my business more efficiently.

Jim Willson, Regional Vice President
AXA Distributors, LLC

Thank you Cybertary for your professionalism, knowledge & expertise.  I was deeply impressed with how flexible you were with my needs.  You helped me out when I needed it most.  Thank you again!

Julie Gobbell, Owner
TechWare Technology Solutions


Cybertary has helped me by taking care of several administrative tasks allowing me to focus on the business of growing my startup.  In the time I have been using Cybertary, my business has gained an international presence.  It is great that when I need help with something, I can just call them up, and they can quickly assist me so I can get on with my business.

KC Moore, Owner
KCM Group

Want you both to know how happy I am using your services. Over the years, I have worked with numerous "virtual assistants". Working with Tina has been the best experience I've had. 

Yes, I am paying more per hour...however, your efficiency means that I am paying for fewer hours, so the amount spent is not an issue. And, most important, I am dealing with true professionals who understand what I want to accomplish...and who ask intelligent questions to make sure the jobs are done correctly with minimal back and forth.

Cari Vinci, Owner
FranNet West

Cybertary rocks!!  Their bookkeeping service allows me stay focused on growth and gives me confidence in my financial reports.  They took time to learn about my business and even worked with my CPA at tax time.  Cybertary is an invaluable member of my team.

Chris Altobell, Owner
Altobell Insurance Agency

I have been doing business with Cybertary for just over a year now. I have been very happy with the service they provide, and the price at which they provide it. We used to have our accounting work done with a large accounting firm. The work was pricier there, and much less convenient.

With Cybertary, I always have my QuickBooks up to date, as they work remotely on my computer. I have the ability to pull up any report I need, knowing that it will be current. Kari, who does our work, has been very flexible as far as determining the best times to access my computer, so as to not disrupt my work. I just leave my computer on when I leave for the day, and when I arrive the next morning, the checks are ready for me to print. In addition to paying our invoices, they also prepare our partnership distributions, calculate the management fees, and do our tenant billing, which includes monthly rents due, and extras depending on the tenant, whether it be for operating expense projections or extra charges for black & white and/or color copies in our executive suites.

What I really appreciate about Cybertary is that they are very proactive as to seeing if there is anything that needs to be improved upon, and if I have any issue at all, they make sure the issue is resolved quickly. I am glad we found Cybertary, and plan to continue our relationship with them going forward.

Connie Turner, Property Manager

Parkway Plaza Investors

I can't say enough good things about my experiences with Cybertary. Your response time is phenomenal and the work outstanding. I would not hesitate to use you again or recommend you to a colleague.

Kendall Flint, Owner
Flint Strategies



1420 E. Roseville Parkway, Suite 140-329  |  Roseville, CA 95661  |  (916) 303-4550

Cybertary has really helped me get my bookkeeping in order.  I now have a P&L that I can use to tell me how my business is performing.  By giving Cybertary some of my 80%, I am now better able to go after my 20% areas of focus.

Deborah Stafford, Realtor

Stafford Properties with Keller Williams Realty